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What if everything you believed about yourself was a lie? THE LAST OF THE WINTHROPS explores the secrets and revelations of a woman who reclaims her sense of self after a devastating revelation. Viviane Winthrop at age 49 must confront the seismic truth that her father, Reginald Winthrop, who could trace his heritage literally to the founders of America,  was not her biological father. When he and his beautiful French Canadian wife Claire have their “miracle child”, Viviane is raised as an heir to the historic Winthrop exceptionalism. Through archival footage, private letters and recordings, the film follows Viviane on an epic journey across five countries and hundreds of years to reclaim her new identity, resolving powerful themes about the relationship between love, blood, and family.

Director Statement

Every year, millions of people mail in cheek swabs in hopes of learning about their roots. Some find confirmation of their family lore; others discover shared kinship with strangers; and then there are a select few who discover something shocking, wondrous, and utterly life-altering.

Growing up, I understood that I was part of a storied American family. Through my father Reginald, I was the direct descendant of John Winthrop, a Founder and 1st Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His lineage had produced an impressive roster of descendants: a U.S. Secretary of State, the first American astronomer, an olympic gold medalist, multiple movie stars, a founder of the New York Stock Exchange and the list goes on. It was hard for me to relate but I knew the pressure was on to live up to these expectations.

I knew deep down inside that I wanted to carve out my own path in life and have a big family but I was raised with this idea that I had to be a someone who is career driven first. It took me a lifetime to figure this out but now that I know the truth about myself I don’t have to sacrifice a career over happiness and feel like I have to live up to these expectations to be successful. After a family revelation, I learned that I wasn’t who my parents told me I was.

I wanted to make this film to fully heal myself in hope to help others in similar circumstances as mine. After learning about the true meaning of nature and nurture, I can now understand what DNA and family are about. This film is a tribute to my Father who raised and loved me unconditionally. I’ve learned that family is who you love and who loves you.


inspired by True Events

Vicky closely followed the BBC’s accounts of the war. In her writings, she observed global conflicts as keenly as she did the everyday lives of the people she loved, including my father, Reginald Winthrop, and my grandmother, Simone Dauphin Winthrop. My father was deeply fond of Vicky and regarded her as family, calling her “Tante Vicky,” just as decades later, unbeknownst to me, he loved and called me his daughter though we shared no blood.

– Tante Vicky


The unabridged, fully transcribed 1,257 journal pages coming soon.

Production Team

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Viviane G. Winthrop

Director, Writer and Executive Producer

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Adam K. Singer

Producer, Co-Director and Writer

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Doug Blush

Executive Producer

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Sergio Miranda

Editor and Co-Producer

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Eduardo R. Servello


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Shie Rozow


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Ash Sutton

Production Sound Engineer

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Chris Gridley

Skywalker Sound

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Tony Villaflor

Skywalker Sound

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Brian Hutchings

DXD Color

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